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A: Kekaha.
Q: What is the western-most town in the United States?

A: Kekaha (1957).
Q: Where was the first traffic light on Kauai?

A: 8057 Elepaio Road.
Q: Where is the home of the 6th billionth person on earth?

A: Iwa Road.
Q: Where does the black sand beach meet the white sand beach?

A: Kekaha (1920).
Q: Where was the first and only train robbery in Hawaii?

A: Kekaha.
Q: What town is named after laughter?

A: West Kekaha
Q: Where can you find Acridotheres tristis living in Prosopis juliflora?

A: Popsicles.
Q: What is the secret to surviving summers in Kekaha?


The name Kekaha means "The Place," which is short for "hot, dry place with nothing to do at night." People pronounce the name in various ways: Kay' ka ha, Kay ka' ha, Key' ka ha, Key ka' ha. Your way is the right way.




Kekaha, like your town, is known as "God's Country." Kekaha is a coastal town of about 3500 people on the extreme west of the island of Kauai, "The Garden Island." Kauai is the fourth largest and oldest of the eight major islands which comprise the State of Hawaii.

Kekaha is known for its year-round warm, dry climate, and its miles of secluded white sand beaches. Average year-round temperature is in the 70's.

Kekaha is also the gateway to Kokee, a cool, mountainous State Park and home to Waimea Canyon, "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific" and Kalalau Valley.


Google - My Map
Aerial Photo (Wikimapia)


Kekaha is a culturally and ethnically diverse town, populated by a motley bunch comprised of Hawaiians/mixed (31%), Filipinos (35%) and Japanese (9%) who originally immigrated as indentured laborers to work at the sugar plantation, and mainland transplants who found the light (18%). Because of the many different races and dialects, the town language is Pidginese.

Kekaha truly exemplifies the "melting pot of races," and by the year 2043, through ongoing intermarriage, the majority of Kekahanians Kekahalians Kekaharians Kekaha peeps will be of one homogenous race, to be placed in a newly created census classification to be called "Chop Suey." Kekaha will become a test-tube for social scientists studying the advent of the "minority majority."


The town bird is the rare cattle egret (Bubulous ibis). The town mammal is the black dog (canis familiaris). The town fish is the tilapia (oreochromis). The town flower is the sugar cane tassel (saccharum officinarum). The town tree is the mango tree (mangifera indica). The town fruit is Bruce (mahu effeminatis).

If you are lucky, you can get a quick glimpse of the elusive white cattle egret, which is a rare delicacy.

At Kekaha, you can also witness live, epic battles between geckos and cockroaches. Again, if you are lucky, you can witness one of these battles for life and death under your own sheets at night.

There are no snakes in Kekaha (and the State of Hawaii), except for the two legged variety.


Blink twice and you'll miss Kekaha. One good way to find the town is to look for its famous landmarks. On the main highway, keep an eye peeled for Hau Bush (by Pond) and the Kekaha Swimming Pool (H.P. Faye Pool). In town, on the main drag (Kekaha Road), keep a lookout for the Kekaha Rodeo, Papalekoa Store, Kekaha Store, Kekaha Theater, Kuramoto Store, Charlie's Service Station, Kekaha Armory, and Nitta Store at the intersection leading to Kokee. If you see these landmarks, you'll know you're in God's Country.


Kekaha is a rural, agricultural community whose major industry was a sugar plantation owned by Amfac/JMB, which had its last harvest on November 17, 2000. About 5000 acres of sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum) were planted, harvested, and ground at the sugar mill in Kekaha.

Kekaha is also neighbor to the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF, 808 335-4229), which is a Navy, high-tech testing facility. PMRF employs approximately 800 civilians.



Stores: The Waimea Canyon Plaza, a mini-mall at the foot of the road to Waimea Canyon is home to a mini-mart, snack shop, and several tourist shops. The Waimea Canyon Plaza is jokingly nicknamed "Ala Moana," in affectionate reference to the huge shopping center in Honolulu. Annually, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, making it one of the most visited tourist attractions on Kauai. In addition to the shops at Waimea Canyon Plaza, there also is the Thrifty Mini-Mart serving residents and tourists. (See Kekaha Businesses)

Farmer's Market: Shop for locally grown, low-cost produce at the County-sponsored Kekaha Sunshine Market every Saturday at 9:00 a.m. at Kekaha Park (by the tennis courts).

Dining: Thrifty Mart across the Post Office serves box lunches. The Menehune Food Mart (808.337.1335) also serves snacks. In Kekaha, there is no need for fine dining, because the town subsists on Spam, revered by the natives, and honored in aboriginal literature for its myriad of uses.

Post Office: The Kekaha Post Office (96752) is a full service post office (808 337-1322).

Gas Station: The one gas station in the whole town, next to the sugar mill recently closed. Yes, there are no gas stations and bars in Kekaha.

Banks: Kekaha is home to the Kekaha Federal Credit Union (808.337.1433), serving its members since 1938. There is a bank in Waimea, the neighboring town 3 miles away and a short 5 minute drive.

Medical Facilities: The Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital (808.338.9444), a state run hospital, is a full service hospital located 3 miles and a 5 minute drive away in neighboring Waimea town.

Transportation: The Kauai Bus (808 241-6410) is run by the County and operates island-wide. Fare is $2.00 per trip. There are numerous rent-a-car firms at the Lihue Airport. The drive from Lihue Airport to Kekaha is 45 minutes, 60 minutes for tourists.

Schools: Kekaha School (808.337.7655) is a public elementary school in the heart of Kekaha, serving Kindergarten to Grade 6.

St. Theresa's School (808.337.1351) is a private, elementary Catholic school fronting Kekaha Beach on the main highway.

Ke Kula Niihau O Kekaha (Niihau School in Kekaha, 808.337.0481), a Hawaiian language elementary school, opened in August 1998 at the site of the former Kekaha Armory.

In neighboring Waimea town, there are the Waimea Canyon Intermediate School, and the world famous Waimea High School, Home of Champions.

The Kauai Community College, KCC, is located in the capital of Lihue, a 45 minute drive, and is a two-year State community college which is part of the University of Hawaii system. KCC should not be confused with KCCC, the Kauai Community Correctional Center. KCCC, "The Wailua Hilton," is located across the Wailua Golf Course, and the attendees there can't cut classes.

Churches: As testament to the spirituality of Kekaha residents, or the huge amount of sinners, there are a remarkable number of churches in this town of 3500 people, including St. Theresa's (Catholic, 808.337.1784), Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon, 808.337.1494), St. Paul's - "Glass Church" (Episcopal, 808.335.5533), Kekaha Door of Faith Church (808.337.1231), Westside Christian Center (808.337.1642), West Kauai United Methodist Church (808.337.1464), and Jehovah's Witness (808.337.9120).

Cemeteries: If you plan to die, there are two beautiful beachfront cemeteries, the Kekaha Public Cemetery next to St. Theresa's Church, and the Japanese/Chinese Cemetery next to the Kikiaola Boat Harbor. Because of the beautiful ocean view, people are dying to get in. Also, tucked away off Akialoa Road is the quaint Hawaiian Cemetery.

Kekaha Sanitary Landfill: Mt. Kekaha, it's not very sanitary and it's not very filling.

Bars: The number of bars is inversely proportional to the number of churches. In Kekaha, there are no bars, and no one drinks alcohol. If you like the night life, go to Honolulu.

Casinos: There is one casino, the world renown Toe-Tongue Outdoor Casino, where locals play pipito and gin rummy. (Closed January 2002, re-opened next door February 2002, dismantled and closed April 2004).

Discos: None.



Beaches: There are miles of secluded, white sand beaches which are ideal for picnicking, sunbathing, and shore fishing all year round. On the western outskirts of town, there is Macarthur Park, named after Macarthur Dela Cruz, with a lifeguard station, portable potties, shower, and picnic pavilions near First Ditch. Skilled aquanuts will also find ideal body surfing areas, and surfing spots at Davidson's and Intersections. Kekaha is ten minutes away from Pakala, home to "Infinities," the best lefts in the world. Local kids can play in the ocean, but if you're not a good swimmer, stay out of the water, respect the ocean. Get brown, don't drown. Further west in Mana, there are even more miles of secluded white sand beaches such as Polihale, Canetop, Queen's Pond, and Barking Sands.

Parks: The Kekaha Faye Park is approximately 8.5 acres between the beach and Kekaha School, and provides a Neighborhood Center, full size 440 yards walking/jogging track, two baseball fields, a Pop Warner football field, a basketball court (resurfaced 2/26/07, but 6 inch drop-off at both ends not leveled), playground equipment, exercise station, horseshoe pits, picnic pavilions with grills and restrooms, outdoor shower, and two tennis courts which were resurfaced in 2005, although the wind screens were never replaced. In August 2006, children playground equipment on a rubberized floor was installed next to the Neighborhood Center pavilions.


Mountains: Kekaha is the gateway to Kokee, a State Park which provides a spectacular mountain environment for activities such as sightseeing, hiking, camping, trout fishing, hunting, and plum and lilikoi picking. Kokee is home to the Waimea Canyon and Kalalau Valley, and is a safe, cool place to explore mountainous flora and fauna. There are full-service facilities such as the Kokee Natural History Museum (808 335-9975) and the Kokee Lodge (cabin rentals and restaurant, 808 335-6061). Very inexpensive camping is available at the State Park system (808 274-3444), Kokee Hongwanji Camp (808 332-9563), Kokee Methodist Camp (808 335-3492), YWCA Camp Sloggett (808 335-6060), and for Boy Scouts, Camp Alan Faye (808 335-5590).

Golf: The nearest golf course is Kukuiolono Golf Course & Chicken Farm (808.332.9151), a scenic 9 hole course thirty minutes away in Kalaheo. Kukuiolono is the only golf course in the world with a blind par three (8th hole). The island of Kauai is famous for its many world class, scenic golf courses, all within a short driving distance from Kekaha. The world renown municipal Wailua Golf Course, which hosted three National Publinx Championships, is 50 minutes from Kekaha, and is a challenging oceanside links with attractive rates.

Boat Harbor: The Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor is a state facility which provides excellent facilities for picnicking, fishing, and is home to Na Pali Explorer and Liko Kauai Cruises.

Astronomy: Contact KEASA, Kauai Educational Association for Science and Astronomy (808.245.8250), for cloudless, light pollution-free stargazing with its telescope at PMRF, the Navy base.


There is no city government, thank goodness. The County of Kauai, consisting of the Kauai and Niihau islands, is run by a Mayor and seven at-large Councilmembers. The County of Kauai is a political subdivision of the State of Hawaii, and the State always reminds the County of that.

Kekaha Town Meetings (Ka Leo O Kauai), sponsored by the Mayor's Office, are held on the third Wednesday of each month at the Kekaha Neighborhood Center starting at 7 p.m.


There are numerous oceanfront vacation rentals available all year round. Enjoy the spectacular unobstructed sunsets over white, sandy beaches. Many of the beachfront homes have been converted to transient vacation rentals.

Akialoa Beach Cottage Three bedroom, two bath.
Anderson's Hale Nalu Two, separate 1 bedroom homes.
The Fielding House Three bedroom, two bath.
Hale Hihio Three bedrooms, two bath.
Hale Puka'Ana Bed and Breakfast.
Kauai Harbor House 3 bedroom/3 bath by Kikiaola Boat Harbor.
Kekaha Oceanside Five separate homes for rent.
Kekaha Sunset Cottage Three bedroom, one bath cottage.
O'omano Hale One bedroom, one bath cottage.
Sunset Plantation House Three bedroom, 3.5 bath house.
Waimea By The Sea 2 bedroom/1 bath condo.
Waimea Plantation Cottages Numerous cottages with hotel amenities.


Kekaha Sunset Subdivision (808.742.9508) is a 14 lot, oceanfront subdivision developed in 1998 by a Texas developer at the former site of the Kekaha swimming pool. Average lot size is approximately 20,000 square feet. 2005 update: About a dozen 2-story homes have been built in this new subdivision.

The Kekaha Sugar Company's main office building is for sale in the heart of Kekaha. A sad day for all. Approximately 9,000 square feet of commercial zoned space on two acres of land, still for sale in 2001. 2005 update: Main office building sold and renovated into a commercial building, space for lease. (See Businesses below).

For all your real estate needs, including Kauai's Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) online, contact the Kauai Board of Realtors (808 245-4049), or check available listings.


  1. Digital Concepts Hawaii (Photography).
  2. Driver's Clean & Shield Co. (Building Maintenance and cleaning). (808)337-1022.
  3. Hale Taka's.(Apartment rentals). (808)337-1829.
  4. A Hideaway Spa (Health Spa at Waimea Plantation Cottages). Email ahideawayspa@hawaiiantel.net (808)338.0005.
  5. Hawaiian Islands Wood Doctor (Wood restoration by Rick Quinette). 808.337.9495.
  6. Henri The Blinky Guy (Henri Carnal sells LED flashlights, glowsticks, lighted fingerwear, and dakine). Email henri@theblinkyguy.org
  7. Howard's Service. (Auto repair).
  8. ITT Industries, Systems Division (Civilian contractor at PMRF). (808)335-4510.
  9. Kauai Granola (Cheryl's sugar cane snax in Waimea). Email info@kauaigranola.com (808)338.0121
  10. kauai-real-estate.net. (Real property for sale on Kauai). (808)337-1640.
  11. Kekaha Kustom Rods. P.O. Box 382, Kekaha, HI 96752, (808)337-9493. (Flyfishing custom rods built one at a time for you.)
  12. Kekaha Federal Credit Union. (New building at the site of the old Kekaha Theater opened in the summer of 1999). (808)337-1433.
  13. Kekaha Landfill. (Waste Management, Inc.).
  14. Former Kekaha Plantation Main Office Building: Commercial Shops.
  15. Historic Kekaha Post Office Building.
  16. Liko Kauai Cruises (Boat tours, snorkeling, whale watching). E-mail likokauai@msn.com. (808)338.0333.
  17. M&S Marine (Boat repair). (808)337-9224.
  18. Napali Explorer (Charter boat tours). E-mail napali@hawaiian.net. (808)338.9999.
  19. Obsession's Cafe in Waimea Town.
  20. Pacific Missile Range Facility, PMRF (Navy base). (808)335-4229.
  21. Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. (Largest seed company in the U.S., opens $24 million research facility in Waimea). (808)337-1413.
  22. Sorensen Construction (Specializing in concrete masonry). 808.337.9930.
  23. Southpaw Builders(Building Contractor). (808)338-0430.
  24. Syngenta (Seed Company).
  25. Sunshine Market (Farmer's Market). Saturdays at 9:00 a.m by the Kekaha Tennis Courts, buy fresh vegetables and fruits from local growers.
  26. Thrifty Mini Mart (Mini-mart). (808)337-1057.
  27. Waimea Canyon Plaza
    • Aunty B's Cafe
    • Menehune Food Mart (Mini-mart). 808.337.1335
    • Red Tag Deals, 8171 Kekaha Road (Clothing store opened November 2008). 808.337.9088
    • Cool Comfort
    • Forever Kauai. An Island Gift Co. 808.337.2888
    • Waimea Canyon General Store. 808.337.9569
  28. Westside Fish (Tropical Fish and Pet Food at old Kuramoto Store). westsidefish@hawaii.rr.com; (808)337.9999; (808)645-0304
  29. Westside Woodworks (Woodworking by Ray Nitta). (808)337.1875

Hot hot hot.


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Hot hot hot.

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Stories and heiaus of West Side.


Everything is expensive in Kekaha/Hawaii. It's called the "price of paradise." But if you enjoy cruising on the beach, surfing, hiking mountain trails, or otherwise communing with what nature freely offers, Kekaha is "The Place" to downshift.

The economic future for Kekaha is hazy, with the sugar plantation going out of business in 2000, and the down-sizing of the military. One small ray of hope for an isolated community like Kekaha is the high-tech industry, because the best and brightest might be attracted to the quiet, laid back, crime-free, rural, and comfortable lifestyle that west Kauai can offer. The Waimea Visitor and Techno Center is being developed in neighboring Waimea town to try and attract high-tech businesses. We already have state of the art fiber optic telephone lines island-wide, the high-tech PMRF base and KVMH hospital, a pioneer in telemedicine, nearby, and exciting, new software companies like the Oracle-based Rare & Dear in Numila, offering hope that we may one day become the High Tech Paradise of the Pacific. Come Code Kauai.




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