Columbus Franklin Payne


Columbus Franklin Payne married Sarah Drucilla Berrier on June 29, 1918. He died at his home on Rt. 1 in Lowgap, Surry Co., North Carolina of a heart attack on September 4, 1973. He is buried at the Imogene Methodist Church Cemetery (now a Baptist Church). Sarah was born December 28, 1902 in Carroll Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of William Berrier and Mary Jane Vernon. Sarah died December 28, 1991 in Mt. Airy, North Carolina and is buried at the Imogene Methodist Church Cemetery.


Columbus Payne was a farmer. His main crops were tobacco, corn, and peaches. He and Sarah moved to a new home in 1929. His mother, Martha Matilda Payne, came to live with them then and stayed the rest of her life. Columbus and Sarah donated the land for the construction of the Imogene Methodist Church in Lowgap, North Carolina.

Columbus and Sarah Payne had the following children, all born in Surry Co., North Carolina:

Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Arlie Faye Payne May 13, 1919  
Beauford Lee Payne July 7, 1921  
Margie Marie Payne February 7, 1924  
Stella Mae Payne February 15, 1926 April 27, 1981
Helen Rae Payne March 14, 1928  
Ellen Gray Payne March 14, 1928 June 4, 1930
Ella Gerttrue Payne July 14, 1930 October 3, 1977
Mattie Lou Payne July 31, 1932  
Mary Katherine Payne July 26, 1934 August 1, 1988
Columbus Payne, Jr. September 24, 1938  
Mildred Jean Payne April 17, 1940  


One day during the summer of 1937, Margie, Stella, and Helen were taking a break from their chores, when they decided that they had all the brother and sisters that they needed. They went down to the family's spring house and broke up the cradle that their father had made for his children, thinking that would prevent any future brothers or sisters. It didn't work. Another brother and sister were later added to the family.


Arlie Faye Payne married Charlie Glenn Beamer.


Beauford Lee Payne married Margie Ruth McCraw.


 Margie Marie Payne married Robert "Oah" Thomas on January 29, 1940. Oah is the son of Grover Cleveland and Zilphia Susannah Jones Thomas and was born March 1, 1917 in Surry Co., North Carolina. Oah served in the U.S. Army in WWII. He received the Silver Star medal for gallantry in a battle in Belgium. Oah is a retired mechanic and Margie is retired from Hanes.

Margie and Oah had the following children:

Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Robert Franklin Thomas May 18, 1944  
Imogene "Jean" Thomas September 11, 1946  
Joyce Ann Thomas February 9, 1949  
Wanda Lynn Thomas March 9, 1950  


 Robert Franklin Thomas was born in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. He married Joyce Andrews on June 11, 1963. Joyce is the daughter of John and Marie Andrews. Robert is retired from AT&T. He and Joyce own the Thomas Learning Centers in Pilham, Alabama.

Robert and Joyce have five children:

Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Bethany Marie Thomas April 12, 1964  
Robert John Thomas April 6. 1967  
Angela Marie Thomas January 9, 1983  
Shauna Nichole Thomas July 23, 1985
Wade Tyler Thomas October 23, 1987


Angela Marie Thomas and  Shauna Nichole Thomas were adopted in Seoul, South Korea.


Wade Tyler Thomas was adopted in Birmingham, Al.


Bethany Marie Thomas married Stephen Smeraglia on September 18, 1993. Stephen was born December 5, 1964.


Robert John "Johnny" Thomas married Renee Bullock in September 1989. Renee was born June 30, 1970. Johnny and Renee have a son, Robert Blake Thomas, born January 9, 1994.


Imogene "Jean" Thomas was born in Galax, Va. She married Charles Curtis Carrico on August 7, 1964. Charles is the son of Wilmer J. and Ethel Patton Carrico and was born November 4, 1943. Jean is an accountant in Galax and Charles is a mechanic.

Jean and Charles have two children:

Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Charles Curtis Carrico, Jr. June 15, 1965  
Thomas Jay Carrico March 16, 1971  


Charles Curtis Carrico, Jr. married Lisa Ann Keister on October 8, 1988. Lisa was born December 27, 1965.


Joyce Ann Thomas was born in Galax, Va. She married (1) Roby J. Brady on June 5, 1965. Roby is the son of Clinton J. and Sylvia Burnette Brady and was born December 4, 1942.

Joyce and Roby have two children:

Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Kimberly Dawn Brady June 3, 1969  
Tereas Ann Brady December 2, 1971  


Kimberly Dawn Brady married Michael Barry May 14, 1994


Tereas Ann Brady married Joey Matthew Riggins May 27, 1989. Teresa and Joey have a daughter, Tiffany Marie Riggins, born June 5, 1991.


Joyce Ann Thomas married (2) Charles Frank Mabe. Charles is the son of Tate and Mary Kenny Mabe.


Joyce Ann Thomas married (3) Gary Steven Hensley on July 23, 1994. Gary was born May 11, 1949 in Cocke Co., Tennessee.


Wanda Lynn Thomas was born in Pulaski, Va. She married Douglas Gene Messer on July 23, 1965. Douglas Gene is the son of John and Winifred Nuckolls Messer and was born May 26, 1945. Wanda and Douglas Gene have three children:

Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Lynette Michele Messer January 15, 1968  
Kenneth Alan Messer May 22, 1972  
Robert Andrew Messer January 19, 1975  


Lynette Michele Messer was born in Galax, Va. She married Glenn Michael Smith on May 26, 1990. Glenn is the son of Glenn Mahaffey and Gloria Watkins Smith and was born October 3, 1961. Lynette and Glenn have one son, Austin Michael Smith, born March 16, 1994.


Kenneth Alan Messer was born in Greenville, South Carolina. He married Jacqueline "Jackie" Hughes on March 26, 1994. Jackie is the daughter of Thomas Murray and Edna Marie Clark Hughes.


Robert Andrew "Andy" Messer was born in Greenville, South Carolina. He married Brandi Leigh Henderson April 29, 1995.



Stella Mae Payne married Robert Lawrence Hawks. She died in Grayson Co., Virginia.


Helen Rae Payne married first Gene Leonard and then Thomas Wallace Gibson.


Ellen Gray Payne died as an infant.


Ella Gerttrue "Frankie" Payne married first Roland Sprinkle and second William Gray. She died in Forsyth Co., North Carolina.


Mattie Lou "Louise" Payne first married a Mr. Hooker and second  Ernest Burton.


Mary Katherine Payne married Paul Spencer on July 31, 1951.


Columbus "Junior" Payne married Brenda Shusky.


Mildred Jean Payne married Thomas George Overby on June 18, 1959.