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Below are links to randomly categorized articles from various publications. That's articles, not opinions.

bullet Carolina Journal
bullet I have written for this John Locke Foundation publication since August 2001. Articles are archived also into investigative series, which I contributed to. I wrote in-depth articles about: efforts to build an ethanol plant in Northeast North Carolina; the Golden LEAF -- the foundation set up by the state to distribute part of its funds from the tobacco settlement; the distribution of public gas bonds in N.C.; and economic incentives in general.
bullet The Triad World & The Raleigh World
bullet I served as editor for these conservative Christian newspapers for about a year -- six months at each one. Editorials included here in addition to reporting.
bullet World Magazine
bullet I wrote a few freelance pieces for this Christian weekly news glossy, which unlike so many publications of this ilk, actually looks professional. Edited by the widely respected Marvin Olasky, a University of Texas journalism professor who is the heart and brains behind compassionate conservatism, which I buy into when it doesn't require the government to implement it.
bullet When you go to the site you will reach its search engine. Just type in my name. However, the results you get won't include this unbylined story, which I wrote probably 90 percent of.
bullet WorldNetDaily
bullet Go here and enter my name in the search engine. This is where I did my first reporting ever. Includes Vince Foster stuff, homeschooling stuff, get the picture.
bullet Places Quoted
bullet Quoted on the 2006 State of the Union speech in The Washington Times: Domestic Focus Aims to Ease Voter Anxieties


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