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Great Grand Parents

·  Blackford, Ray Elza (Photo) b.1898 OH m.1931 d.1957 OH

·  Barnes, Martha Ellen b.1912 OH m.1931 d.1997 IN

·  Bertsch, Donald Hugh b.1914 OH m.1932 d.1998 OH

·  Lanfersieck, Marguerite Wilma b.1915 OH m.1932 d.1998 OH

Great Great Grand Parents

·  Blackford, Lewis (Photo) b.1872 OH m.1892 d.1931 OH

·  Offenbacker, Daisy Albertie b.1873 OH m.1892 d.1933 OH

·  Barnes, William Adam b.1863 OH m.1905 d.1956 OH

·  Snapp, Mary Agnes (Photo) b.1885 OH m.1905 d.1975 IN

·  Bertsch, John Christian (Photo) b.1880 OH d.1968 OH

·  Bretches, Kathryn Elizabeth b.1873 OH d.1945

·  Lanfersieck, Oscar John (Photo) b.1891 OH m.1913 d.1969 OH

·  Hale, Blanche Bessie b.1893 m.1913 d.1974 OH

Great Great Great Grand Parents

·  Blackford, William Henry b.1847 OH m.1868 d.1923

·  Evans, Amelia b.1845 OH m.1868 d.1923

·  Offenbacker, John H (Photo) b.1850 OH m.1872 d.1928 OH

·  Barnes, Mary Elizabeth (Obituary) b.1854 OH m.1872 d.1933 OH

·  Snapp, John Thomas b.1861 m.1884 d.1935

·  Corbin, Sarah (Obituary) b.1864 OH m.1884 d.1922

·  Bertsch, Andrew Robert (Obituary) b.1858 OH m.1879 d.1930 OH

·  Stengel, Sophia b.1859 OH m.1879 d.1942

·  Bretches, John b.1841 OH m.1872 d.1878 OH

·  Gouge, Phemia b.1849 OH m.1872 d.1923 OH

·  Lanfersieck, Johann Heinrich b.1862 OH m.1883 d.1926 OH

·  Grothaus, Julia A Catherine b.1860 OH m.1883 d.1926 OH

·  Hale, John Henry b.1871 OH m.1895 d.1896 OH

·  Holly, Sarah C. b.1876 OH m.1895 d.1898 OH

4th Great Grand Parents

·  Blackford, Samuel b.1818 OH m.1843 d.1860 OH

·  Beaty, Jane b.1824 OH m.1843 d.1900 OH

·  Evans, Lewis b.1821 OH m.1843 d.1873

·  Delilah Pence b.1823 OH m.1843

·  Isaiah Offenbacher b.1824 OH m.1848 d.1914 OH (Obituary)

·  Long, Mahalia b.1830 m.1848

·  Barnes, Michael b.1815 WV m.1848 d.1893 OH (Obituary)

·  Kreglow, Margaret b.1828 WV m.1848 d.1907 OH (Obituary)

·  Snapp, Balium H. (Family Photo) b.1839 OH m.1858 d.1919 OH

·  Bodey, Agnes R. (Obituary) b.1840 OH m.1858 d.1916 OH

·  Corbin, Shepherd b.1840 OH m.1864 d.1867

·  Evans, Mary Ann b.1835 OH m.1864 d.1865

·  Bertsch, Christian b.1828 Germany m.1856 d.1884 OH

·  Harmon, Sarah b.1839 OH m.1856 d.1898

·  Stengel, John Michael b.1821 Germany m.1846 d.1900

·  Schiff, Sarah b.1824 Germany m.1846 d.1903

·  Lanfersieck, Gerhard Heinrich b.1830 Germany m.1856 d.1862 OH

·  Schulhoff, Maria Wilhelmina b.1839 OH m.1856 d.1910 OH

·  Grothaus, Johann Heinrich b.1834 Germany m.1856 d.1896 OH

·  Brune, Catherine Maria b.1835 OH m.1856 d.1873 OH

·  Hale, John H (Obituary) b.1837 OH m.1860 d.1882 OH

·  Combs, Margret (Obituary) b.1841 OH m.1860 d.1918 OH

·  Holly, Lewis M b.1844 OH m.1866 OH

·  Keplinger, Levina Ellen b.1851 OH m.1866 d.1887 OH

5th Great Grand Parents

·  Blackford, Lemuel b.1783 d.1846

·  Beaty, Samuel

·  Pence, Frederick b.1781 VA m.1811 d.1836 OH

·  Jenkins, Amelia b.1783 VA m.1811 d.1859

·  Offenbacher, John b.1796 VA m.1824 d.1879

·  Riddle, Nancy b.1808 OH m.1824 d.1851

·  Long, John R.

·  Hanback, Elizabeth

·  Barns, Henry b.1785 VA m.1806 d.1852 Il

·  Cramer, Charlotte m.1806

·  Kreglow, George b.1783 m.1814 d.1841 WV

·  Seibert, Margaret b.1796 m.1814 d.1883

·  Snapp, John b.1802 PA m.1822 d.1859 OH

·  Corbin, David b.1810 VA

·  Duke, Sarah b.1812 VA

·  Hetzel, Elizabeth b.1801 m.1822 d.1891 OH

·  Bodey, Harrison b.1819 VA m.1839 d.1891

·  Long, Nancy A. b.1821 m.1839 d.1896

·  Schiff, Michael b.1799 Germany d.1859 OH

·  Ludwig, Mary b.1797 Germany d.1858 OH

·  Lanfersieck, Johann Daniel Victor b.1804 Germany m.1829 d.1871 OH

·  Knost, Catherine Engel b.1806 Germany m.1829 d.1888 OH

·  Schulhoff, Johann Gerhard b.1808 Germany d.1888 OH

·  Hehemeier, Maria Elisa b.1816 Germany d.1840 OH

·  Grothaus, Herman Heinrich b.1797 Germany m.1820 d.1855 OH

·  Hackman, Marie Caroline b.1800 Germany m.1820 d.1873 OH

·  Brune, Bernard b.1807 Germany d.1887 OH

·  Hohne, Catharine Adelheid(Obituary) b.1807 Germany d.1891 OH

·  Hale, George b.1799 PA m. 1828 PA d. 1855 OH

·  Armstrong, Maria b.1808 m. 1828 PA d. 1845 OH

·  Holly, Manning b.1805 m.1831 d.1875 OH

·  Hubbell, Jerutia b.1813 OH m.1831 d.1893 OH

6th Great Grand Parents

·  Pence, Fredrick b.1752 PA m.1778 d.1832 OH

·  Jenkins, Thomas

·  Sisk, Nellie

·  Offenbacher, Peter

·  Barns, Teter m.1767 d.1822 WV

·  Zeister, Anna Maria m.1767

·  Kregelo, George d.1823 WV

·  Seibert, John Jacob b.1752 PA m.1773 d.1833 WV

·  Battorf, Eva Elizabeth b.1753 PA m.1773 d.1797

·  Snapp, Reinard Greef b.1782 PA d.1866 OH

·  Apple, Catherine b.1780 d.1807 PA

·  Bodey, Christian b.1796 VA m.1814 d.1868

·  Frisinger, Elizabeth b.1799 VA m.1814 d.1865

·  Long, Benjamin b.1783 PA

·  Retew, Nancy b.1785 PA

·  Corbin, James b.1786 VA

·  Duke, Francis b.1782 PA

·  Schiff, Philip Jacob b.1773 Germany d.1858 OH

·  Lanfersieck, Johann Conrad b.1776 Germany m.1800

·  Dircker, Marie Elisabeth b.1776 Germany m.1800

·  Knost, Bernhard Heinrich

·  Berkemeier, Catharina Elisabeth

·  Hehemeier, Ralf Hinrich

·  Hubbell, Hezekiah b.1781 OH m.1805 d.1880 OH

·  Sanders, Eunice b.1785 m.1805 d.1845

7th Great Grand Parents

·  Bentz, Johann Jacob b.1727 Germany d.1778 VA

·  Kregelo, Johannes

·  Sanders, Elizabeth b.1724 d.1806

·  Schnepp, Leonard b.1753 PA m.1777 d.1825 OH

·  Straub, Catherine b.1760 PA m.1777 d.1838 OH

·  Bodey, Frederick b.1756 Germany m.1781 d.1818 VA

·  Long, Christina m.1781

·  Frysinger, Johan Peter b.1779 PA d.1815 VA

·  Aker, Anna Catherine b.1773 PA d.1852 OH

·  Hubbell, Thomas b.1747 NJ d.1842 OH

·  Reeder, Mary b.1745 OH d.1795 OH

8th Great Grand Parents

·  Bentz, Johann Georg b.1697 Germany m.1719

·  Bullinger, Anna Barbara b.1698 m.1719

·  Schnepp, Joseph b.Germany d.1786 PA

·  Hubbell, Asa b.1725 CT m. 1747 d.1783 NJ

·  Reeder, Joseph L. b.1716 NY d.1770

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